Elevator Pitch

This is an elevator pitch for my DCIM capstone project. For the past few weeks of the semester I have been conducting a research project focusing on the social sharing of online retail stores on Facebook. This video will give information about where I am heading and why I chose my topic.


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We Are Wizards


The documentary “We are wizards” was very interesting and opened my eyes up to what others passions might be. Over the years, the internet has drastically changed the way we consume media in ways we don’t even realize. We consume media from the internet from news websites or social media. Many people use blogs as a way to get their ideas out in the public and challenge others who think differently. more importantly these people want feedback from other fans or people who share the same ideas and interests with them. Whatever you put on the internet is never fully gone, once it is up and in the public eye there is no delete button. The internet has changed the way we consume media in the way that blogs have risen and different fan pages have blossomed into bigger websites. The balance of power between the fans and Warner Brothers was that Warner Brothers thought they had to power over a certain page because of their big corporation but the 13 year old who challenged them showed the corporation that her and thousands of other fans had just enough power as they did. She explains how “if you mess with one of us, you mess with all of us…”  she tells us how the fans of Harry Potter stick together and they did at that very moment where Warner Brothers thought they had more power. Fan culture has changed in the past couple of years in a way that it is no longer just an interest to some but an actual lifestyle. It is who they are, it is their job. Some of the younger fans will see this as an opportunity to gain friendships and meet new people. The Harry Potter fans have grown over the years and turned into a culture rather than just a hobby. A similar scene i think that has the bottom- up affect is the way the bands are coming together and creating something out of the series. More fans who are interested in Harry Potter will become fans of Harry and the Potters or other wizard based bands. What was important to me in this video is seeing the two little boys love doing what they are doing. Being on stage you could see how much fun they were having and their parents are okay with what they are doing and are actually supporting them. I think their  story is very important.harry-and-the-potters


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Creating the project

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So far i think my groups creative process is going well and i think our ideas that each of us have flow good together. I would have to say as one milestone that we have accomplished would be choosing which career service tool to use. There are so many options to pick from and we all had different ideas. However, in the end we made the choice to pick the Candid career and then within the candid career tool we decided to focus on How to ace a phone interview. We all agreed on which tool to use and collaborated in how we would incorporate a skit to show how the tool is useful. The second milestone that our group has accomplished is planning the skit itself and how we want to start and end the skit. We also discussed about shots and what technology would be the most useful while shooting inside and outside where the lighting and sounds are different. I think we’ve accomplished working together very well and we support each others ideas very well. Overall the milestones that our group came across were easy to accomplish because of how well we work together. The digital tools that we have been using have been very helpful to us. Before many of us did not know how to use the tools but thankfully the class and the homework assignments have helped us expand our knowledge of these tools. I think the editing of video and audio will be the most helpful along with the screencast. The digital tools we have learned throughout class will definitely make our project better and easier to navigate through the tools. It is important to know these tools because we will most likely use the materials that were learned as a base for the project and work off different digital tools to create a better more elaborate project.

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Creative Commons


The photo i chose is a how to dress photo of professional people in a wardrobe that compliments a professional image. In our project we explain how to dress the part and how to feel like you are a part of the image you are trying to fill. Dressing the part is a crucial part of how to ace an interview, even a phone interview. When you feel good you perform better. Having this knowledge of what to wear and what image you are trying to give off will help you when you have a face to face interview. I think our group can use this photo in our final presentation to show viewers the proper way to look professional and feel it too.

The video that was chosen helps people with their presentation skills which is a major plus to have. Having the skill of being comfortable while presenting to a boss or client will move you ahead. This video gives great tips and i think for our group we could screen cast some of the tips and put them in somewhere between the actor actually doing them. Public speaking is scary for many people, a lot of people become nervous and don’t know how to handle being put on  the spot. These tips help people that get nervous and i think this can definitely help our group project and help viewers.


The song that i picked in a slow song that will keep the viewers interested but it won’t take away from the talking or the scenes. I think the song is soothing and nice background music for a tutorial of the tool. I think we could use this song when the student is on the interview because it is a calm song and will be in the background making sure it isn’t too loud and won’t complicate the scene. Songs are an important piece to a video because they add something that will keep the audience interested rather than just silence.

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Storyboard Overview



During the storyboarding step some of our scenes were changed and moved around. We felt that they looked better at a different part of the skit. The storyboard was a big help because it put it into perspective of how everything will look when we start filming. It gives all the details and the minor materials that are needed for the project. One new element i believe our group should include in the project is the actual website and tool itself. There is much more to this project than just talking about the tool i think showing it is the most important because it can be confusing and students will get overwhelmed and just give up. I think using the actual website and tool in the project will help students get a better understanding of it.  My ultimate vision for this project is to make it smooth and clear, i want students to understand the importance of this tool. The project needs to be edited correctly and the audio must be on point. There is nothing worse than in informational video that is choppy and the audio isn’t synced with the speakers. My vision for the project as a whole to give students a sense of understanding to the professional world and to gather all the information about the company before the interview. Knowing the background of a company is definitely a plus and will show the boss that you are organized and very interesting in the position. I hope that the project will encourage more students to use the tool and reflect off the information that is being given.


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Group Creativity


As we discussed in class my group and i both decided we wanted a attention grabbing video. We want the audience to remember the video and want to share it with others. I think the ideas that my team members created are great ideas and definitely useful in the sense they flow nicely together. I definitely see potential in our ideas and they are creative in their own ways. I hope the project goes in a well organized and eye catching creative way.  I want to make sure we hit the main points of the tool we decided to us. People who are interested in learning about the tool should be able to grasp the concept of our video.  We intend to reflect the creative  direction of helping others in understanding the tool by creating a skit within the storyboard and acting out what many students might be going through. Throughout the storyboard we want to make sure we have the right tools and the right scenarios to complete the project when it is time to sit down and start creating it. I think the group has great ideas and they will definitely show in the storyboard as well as the final finish of the project. We are on the right track to making a video worthy of students who are in need of the help for professional questions.

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Top 5




–          Shakia blog is definitely one of my top 5 because instantly I was curious to look around her blog. She had a great idea to have a music blog. Music is such a big part of people’s lives. We all turn to music for relaxation, answers, to get away, or just to block out the rest of the world. I think her idea to use music was brilliant. Also the background is of well known musicians which invite a young audience to view the blog. And to top the blog off I love Mack Wilds so I definitely give props in adding his music to the page. I think people should visit this page because it seems like if the author keeps going with the blog people could be introduced to a lot of new music. Good job Shakia



What a clever idea to do sitcoms! I definitely would have never thought to do a blog about them. This is a great blog because it’s unique and different and keeps the audience interested. Chad mentions the TV sitcom “’It’s always sunny in Philadelphia” I think he chose a great sitcom to do his podcast about because a lot of people have seen the show and enjoy it. The header of his blog is perfect and he set it up in a clean professional way. I think people should visit his page because you don’t see many sitcom blogs and this will give you some knowledge about sitcoms and what to watch. I definitely enjoyed looking at Chads blog.



Kayla’s blog made it onto my top 5 favorite because she put a lot of effort into her blog and made it useful to other people. She gives a lot of information about what clothes to buy and even gives prices of them. She uses a cute name for the blog “alwaysfashionfoward” I really liked her video tutorial I think she pointed out the main aspects and made it easy for viewers to navigate their way around. Considering I’m a girl and hate to admit but a shop-a-holic her blog helps me personally and gives me insight on some fashion trends. Kayla definitely understood the assignment and I hope she continues blogging even after the midterms due date.



Lizzy went straight for the sappy puppy faces on her header and I think almost every viewer who signed onto her blog immediately said “AWWWW”. How could you not fall in love with those faces?!  I am a dog person rather than a cat person so her blog definitely hit a soft spot. Lizzy did a great job capturing the main purpose of her blog. From her post to her heading it was clear what she was trying to explain to the audience. She has a clear audience who this bog is appealing towards. I really enjoyed the set up and the overall idea of her blog. A lot of college students tend to adopt puppies when they move into a house so this blog is definitely helpful to them. The pet care aspect will help many people personally and give them tips to taking care of a new pup. I think people should visit her page because it is well thought out and adorable set up.  It also gives a good amount of information to people who own pets.  Good Jon Lizzy, hope to see more from you!



Kyle had a great idea for his blog, the devils hockey team is a great sport to do a blog on. I’ve been to a few games and had a blast. His sport blog is great for people looking to know a little bit more about the team members. The name for his blog “Playing Devil’s Advocate” is a great name and definitely flows well with the blog itself. I like this blog because I always enjoyed going to the games and I think this appeals to a lot of people in our area. If you’ve never been to a game then that definitely needs to go on your To Do list. Kyle did a great job creating this blog and giving the information that was needed. I suggest people visit this blog and to understand some background about the main players and the team and a whole.


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